Schumer Left SULKING After Trump Reminds Him The Border Wall WILL BE BUILT With Or Without Congress

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President Trump is considering another option absent Congressional funding for his long-promised border wall between the United States and Mexico — military resources.

“We have two options,” the president told The Daily Mail on Friday aboard Air Force One. “We have military, we have homeland security.”

While Trump would prefer to fund the approximately $25 billion needed for the wall “the old-fashioned way — get it from Congress,” he told the Daily Mail that he has “other options if I have to.”

The president is unlikely to get the funding from Congress given Democrats’ obstruction efforts and even recalcitrant Republicans, but “the possibility of diverting Pentagon funding and assets to build a border wall is a hole card the president is holding but has never directly acknowledged before,” Daily Mail reported.

In August, two Defense Department officials told the Daily Mail that the task could be completed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

“They build levees that hold back massive walls of water,” one official said. “They can build one to hold back drugs and human traffickers.”

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