JUST IN: Mitch McConnnell Just Delivers Democrats’ WORST NIGHTMARE – ‘Absolutely No Doubt’ On Kavanaugh Confirmation

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Somebody tell “Spartacus” that it’s time to make his final stand because, according to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the Democrats only have about three weeks to deliver the country-saving death blow to the most oppressively constitutional, “least transparent” Supreme Court nominee in the history of the country.

Speaking with conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt Friday, McConnell rained on his Democratic colleague’s resistance parade.

“You’ve said many times that Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed, and that your major power is controlling the calendar,” Hewitt said. “So the question is, when will he be confirmed?”

“Before the end of September,” said McConnell. “He’ll be on board at the Supreme Court by the first Monday in October, which you and I both know is the beginning of the October term.”

Asked if there was “any doubt” in his mind that Kavanaugh would be affirmed, McConnell said, “None whatsoever.”

“I think any doubts anybody might have had have been dispelled by his virtuoso performance before the Judiciary Committee,” he explained. “I mean, it’s stunning. He’s just a stellar nomination in every respect.”

And McConnell wasn’t done delivering the dire predictions for Democrats: He and his Republican colleagues will “clear the deck of all the circuit judges,” referencing ten who are “in the queue” to be confirmed.

In response to Hewitt asking if he agreed with Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s description of the Kavanaugh hearing as the least transparent in history, McConnell replied, “Quite the contrary.” In fact, he said, there’s been “a bit more paper produced surrounding this nominee than any other.”

“We have 12 years of D.C. Circuit Court opinions,” he continued. “There’s no doubt what kind of judge Brett Kavanaugh would be. They’re just under intense pressure, Hugh, from the left leading one member last night to even break a Senate rule in response to a plea by a group from the left to step up the opposition, you know, act as outrageously as possible.”

McConnell was referencing Democratic Senator Cory Booker’s grandstanding performance at the hearing, in which he declared in dramatic terms that he was having his own “I am Spartacus” moment by breaking Senate rules and releasing classified documents on Kavanaugh. The stunt ended up backfiring on the senator, however: The documents demonstrate Kavanaugh’s opposition to racial profiling and bias, and officials explained afterwards that the documents were cleared for release in advance — thus Booker’s “courageous” act involved no risk.

Asked if he intends to motion to expel Senator Booker from the Senate for allegedly breaking the rules, McConnell said, “Well, let me just say this: When you break the Senate rules, it’s something the Ethics Committee could take a look at. And that would be up to them to decide. But it’s routinely looked at the Ethics Committee.”

“Were you surprised that he did that?” asked Hewitt.

“It was unusual behavior. Let’s put it that way,” said McConnell.

As for that “unusual behavior,” it’s gone viral:

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