Frustration With ‘Do Nothing’ Sessions Reaches Critical Mass – Meadows Brings Down The Roof With IRREFUSABLE DEMAND

Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) sent a letter Tuesday to Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions demanding that Inspector General Michael Horowitz and recently appointed DOJ attorney, John Huber interview now embattled DOJ official Bruce Ohr and investigate “critical violations” in connection with the FBI’s handling the Russia investigation and the bureau’s process to obtain a highly secret warrant to spy on a short term-volunteer for the Trump campaign.

Meadows, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus and member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, released the letter Wednesday, which encourages both Huber, who was appointed last year by Session’s to investigate possible corruption in the FBI, and Horowitz to investigate the new findings on Ohr. Ohr has been demoted twice by the DOJ after it was discovered that he failed to inform his superiors that his wife, Nellie Ohr, was hired by the private research firm, Fusion GPS, to investigate Trump’s campaign. The research firm, which also hired former British spy Christopher Steele to compile a dossier on Trump, was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Newly released documents reveal that both Bruce and Nellie Ohr had a long-time relationship with Steele and that the FBI was using Bruce Ohr as a backchannel for Steele who was dismissed by the FBI as an informant for leaking information to the media.

Ohr testified to Congress that neither he nor his wife has been interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, according to Meadows and several other congressional officials.

“During a series of transcribed interviews with witnesses central to our joint congressional investigation to these issues, we have learned of potentially critical information the OG and Mr. Huber should consider,” Meadows’ letter to Sessions states. “I write to encourage Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Huber to include Mr. Ohr’s involvement in these events in their parallel investigations, and his testimony has brought new concerns to light regarding whether the FBI and DOJ followed proper protocol in the fining of U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court applications related to Carter Page.”

Other Important Highlights from Meadows letter:

  • A transcribed interview with DOJ Attorney Bruce Ohr “raises grave concerns related to his role as a conduit between Christopher Steele and the FBI as Steele compiled an opposition resea4rch dossier on behalf of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign. Ohr flagged instances in which the FBI and Department of Justice potentially broke from established protocol to further their investigation of the Trump campaign.”
  • Ohr’s testimony revealed he had “recorded how the status of his wife, Nellie, as a contractor for Fusion GPS” presented a potential conflict of interest. “
  • “In August 2016, months before the FISC approved FISA surveillance of Carter Page, Mr. Ohr recorded this apparent conflict of interest and his firsthand evidence of Mr. Steele’s bias.”
  • According to Ohr’s testimony, none of this was included in the FISA application given to the secret courts.
  • Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and other high-ranking officials at the DOJ signed off on the initial FISA application and subsequent renewals.

Meadows told Wednesday, “As we’ve conducted these interviews, we’ve continued to learn more and more disturbing facts that raise grave concerns officials at the top levels of the FBI and Department of Justice acted wildly inappropriately and severely broke protocol when they began surveilling officials in the Trump campaign in 2016.”

“The idea that Bruce Ohr had 60 plus contacts with Chris Steele, and may have served as a backchannel between Steele and the FBI/DOJ, even after Steele was supposedly terminated, is deeply troubling and deserves further examination,” stated Meadows. “My hope is that the Inspector General and Mr. Huber can thoroughly evaluate these additional facts so that we can provide the full truth to the American people about what occurred at their Justice Department on their taxpayer dime” he added.

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    this point, regardless of if this girl is bothered by you not having a girlfriend is another matter. Like the rest say, It happens for different people at different times. But no kids doesn mean she didn have a good time. 2 points submitted 2 common

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    11 Weird Ways To Know Your Ex Actually is Your Soulmate

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    TheresOnly1Damar 3 points registered 5 months ago

    that no. outlook, I’ve been a big guy. setting up, I’ve got broad neck and a barrel chest. Even if I lost large number of weight, At 6’7 and with my frame, I’d certainly be pretty huge. come on, man, I don’t hit the gym as often as I should and I can still the bench press 400.

    I think you confusing the tone of my reply. I’m more just being open and vulnerable and open with a passing feeling I have since I’ve aged. in all honesty, I care less about looks in a partner than i did previously, of course. I do you know what I’m saying is old habits die hard, And I had been self aware and ironic about my own vanity.

    MoreConcentrate 2 points transmitted 7 months ago

    What is so appalling about the material? We met because we liked how authentic some other is. She messaged me first because that is exactly what I have in my profile. Why should I have to be tortured in a game of concern, estimating if she likes me or not? When i should just ask? Your plan seems really childish.

    even: What I said to one more poster; absolutely, These things don’t take time. A woman is attracted to a man within seconds. It doesn take a second date for her to know she interested in me or not.

    TheresOnly1Damar 2 points given 7 months ago

    It takes a woman seconds to decide if she would be in order to fuck you, But it takes some time for luxury to decide whether they’ll do it or not. Because of pregnancy and size differential, quite besides cultural conditioning, Women assume more risk engaging in sex.

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    Sending your message just screams a lack of self-assurance. Go be yourself, Assume she’s into until given explanation to the contrary.

    Forgotten_epilogue 11 points registered 8 months ago

    I read about similar is afflicted with, And it seems to come down to a commonality where someone who has had success with online dating generally have had to go on a LOT of dates for a LONG time before finding a good match with potential. LOT and LONG being those dates, LONG being a year or higher.

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    The usual storylineinvolves a desperately looking to “purchase” the girl, But she keeps rebuffing him but he keeps itrying until he does something miracle to “Touch her heartIn the actual, She finally relents and they share how to get a chinese girlfriend a passionate kiss and embrace, And possibly live happily ever after (blah, blah).

    these things may sound corny to you, But Asian women are raised to trust in it. given this, They dream of men to “courtroom” associated with them.

    keep in mind, There are Asian women who are non conventional and will date “Bad omg” wide variety men. But most outstanding Asian women, Since they never want to shame themselves or their families, Won’t be seen in public areas with a foreign guy who dresses shabbily and has lots of visible tattoos.

    This also will mean that you can’t approach her like a “pick up artist” would have to, Using lines and routines on her aiming to quickly escalate to a physical level.

    in reality, The rules of attraction and seduction do change a bit remember that dating asian women.

    But it’s absolutely OK to pay an Asian women a go with on how nice she looks. With u. s citizens women, I don’t advise you to get this done. (They take this as a sign that you’re merely another desperate guy trying to hook up with them.) Asian women of all ages, but bear in mind, Because they are so wonderfully feminine and are proud of how they look at all times, Will be genuinely appreciative of a sincere compliment.

    (whereas she may act shy, And blush when you tell her, This just means that you’ve touched her emotionally.)

    With Asian wives, It’s also valuable to demonstrate masculine behavior. Asian women want to be around a masculine presence, since they’re so utterly feminine. It’s one thing we all appreciate most about Asian women: They are totally feminine in nature and search. This is not the case with a lot of American women these days. Not only do they will “Wear the trousers” In every thing has become, They’ll also adopt a sexy style of dress such as wearing baggy sweatpants and baseball caps. you only will never see an Asian woman dressing this way, Even if she’s just coming to the store.

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