David Hogg Has Assumed Control Of The Democratic Party – DEMANDS Nancy Pelosi ‘Move the F**k off the Plate and Let Us Take Control’

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Activist David Hogg talks of his generation of gun controllers in a NYMag cover story, then thinks of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and says, “Move the f**k off the plate and let us take control.”

NYMag indicates Hogg is wearied by the “old” Democrats who keep hanging onto their offices. He mentioned Pelosi in particular, and said pointedly, “Nancy Pelosi is old.”

Hogg often employs the word “narcissistic” to describe himself. He and fellow student gun control activists just wrapped up their summer bus tour, which focused on registering new gun control voters and pressuring Congress to pass more gun laws. While many students rode on the bus, NYMag explained that Hogg often rode separate: “Hogg, in fact, was frequently not on the bus but traveling separately in a black SUV accompanied by bodyguards. If he were a politician, one of the staffers told me, the intensity of interest in him would merit 24-hour Secret Service surveillance.”

Hogg rose to prominence in the gun control movement following the February 14, Parkland high school shooting. He emerged from that attack voicing support for numerous new controls and was ruthless in his criticism of the gun rights movement and of certain types of firearms.

On May 26, he tweeted a rhetorical question, trying to suggest widespread private gun ownership is partially to blame for school shootings:

Army Ranger and Benghazi survivor Kris Paronto responded to Hogg, saying, “I remember, it was before your generation started shooting up the schools David, even though we still had guns. Thank you for confirming..again…that it’s not the gun, it’s person, and in particular you & your peers millennial culture.”

Hogg says he wants to start college in 2019, then take off in 2020 to work with a presidential campaign. He is currently 18, and says he plans to run for Congress at age 25.

He makes clear that his goal is to be the kind of gun control Congressman he is currently asking others to be.

Via Breitbart

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