French President Macron PRAISES Trump’s ‘Art Of the Deal’ Book, Said It Helps Him With EU Negotiations

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French President Emmanuel Macron told President Trump he read “Art of the Deal” during a conversation about negotiating with the European Union (EU) this month, according to an Axios report.

A source familiar with the conversation told Axios that Macron mentioned the U.S. president’s book as an explanation for his leadership tactics.

Trump reportedly suggested that Macron tell the EU to negotiate with the U.S., but Macron refused.

“I read the Art of the Deal,” Macron replied, smiling, according to the source who spoke to Axios. “I know that we need to retaliate first so we have some leverage in the negotiation.”

The exchange took place at this month’s NATO summit in Brussels.

Trump published “Art of the Deal,” a book about how to succeed in business, with journalist Tony Schwartz in 1987.

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