WATCH: #WalkAway Founder Calls For National March Against Escalating Liberal Violence

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Liberal violence has skyrocketed as of lately. What was once a differing viewpoint in American culture and politics has snowballed out of control thanks to divisive Democrats, such as Maxine Waters. Such individuals have encouraged and incited riots, harassment, threats, and even violence against anyone who does not sheepishly submit to the new Liberal hive mind.

Fortunately, several humane and civil minded Democrats have shown disgust with this growing plague of political insensibility. Efforts, such as the #WalkAway movement, have organicly risen to counteract the hate-filled, and often uninformed, violence against Moderates and Conservatives.

#WalkAway founder Brandon Straka recently interviewed with Info Wars to announce a nationwide march against the violence and poison that has completely ruined the Democratic and Psuedo-Socialist political groups.



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