Yet Another Poll Shows Hispanics Like Trump, Not Dems – Identity Politics Is Being Crushed By America First!

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A majority of Americans, including 62 percent of Hispanics, feel they are better off with President Donald Trump in office than former President Barack Obama, according to a mid-year ePoll put out by Emerson College on Monday.

When asked their feelings on whether they are better off or worse off financially under a Trump economy, 42 percent of voters said they believe they are better off while only 26 percent feel they are worse off.

Perceptions of the current financial situation varied by party and race, according to the poll. Of Hispanics polled, 62 percent said they believe they are better off under Trump, and 21 percent feel they are worse off. African Americans had a reverse perspective, with 30 percent feeling they are better off and 40 percent feeling they are worse off under Trump.

The poll also found that Trump’s current job approval rating is at 43 percent with disapproval at 50 percent, an improvement from the statistics in Emerson’s January ePoll when the President’s approval was at only 39 percent and disapproval at 52 percent. The poll suggests that Trump’s higher approval rating may be due in part to the current financial situation of voters.

Via DailyCaller 

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