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FOX News Is The #1 Cable Network Throughout The Country, and CNN Is Freaking Out!

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Fox News again dominated for the second quarter of 2018 not only in cable news, but in all of cable, while CNN landed in last place by a country mile.

From Breitbart:

For the eighth straight quarter, Fox was the most-watched network in all of cable. With an average of 1.409 million total day viewers, Fox attracted nearly as many eyeballs as MSNBC and CNN combined. MSNBC averaged just 930,000 viewers, while CNN nosedived with an average of just 658,000.

During primetime, Fox snagged an average of 2.447 million viewers, compared to MSNBC’s 1.736 million. With just 929,000, the far-left CNN could not even average a million.

Primetime total viewers and viewers in the 25-54 age demo:

  • Fox News:  2,447,000 /  480,000
  • MSNBC:1,736,000 / 302,000
  • CNN: 929,000 total viewers / 302,000

Daytime total viewers and viewers in the 25-54 age demo:

  • Fox News: 1,409,000 /  286,000
  • MSNBC: 930,000 / 196,000
  • CNN: 658,000 / 202,000

Fox’s Sean Hannity is again America’s most-popular cable news host, having an average of 3.368 million viewers. Any hope MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow had of stealing that crown appears to be fading. With 2.752 million viewers, she is number two in all of cable news but far behind Hannity.

Fox’s Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham are not far behind Maddow, with 2.697 and 2.654 million viewers, respectively.

Also of note are the breathtakingly bad days CNN has had of late, bad even for a perennial loser like CNN.

On Monday, July 2, CNN averaged only 770,000 primetime viewers and 586,000 total day viewers, while Fox and MSNBC pretty much held their expected averages.

Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, and Erin Burnett all attracted fewer than 700,000 viewers.

CNN had a day nearly as bad on Tuesday, June 26, with only 896,000 primetime viewers and 630,00 total day viewers. This was a day when Tapper, Blitzer’s second hour, and Burnett could only attract 647,000, 619,000, and 649,000 viewers, respectively.

Same with Wednesday, June 27, a day where Hannity, Carlson, and Ingraham attracted more viewers in the 25-54 age demo than Tapper, Blitzer, and Burnett attracted in total viewers.

There is something seriously wrong at CNN, even if nobody wants to talk about it.


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