Capital Gazette Doesn’t Give a Damn – They Still Published Their Daily Paper Today After Shooting Killed 5 Colleagues Yesterday

The Capital Gazette still published its daily newspaper after five employees were shot dead and more were critically wounded at its office in Annapolis, Maryland Thursday.

From Breitbart:

Hours after the deadly shooting, Capital Gazette reporter Chase Cook said he and his colleagues would publish a paper on Friday. “I can tell you this: We are putting out a damn paper tomorrow,” Cooke tweeted.

The paper released its Friday cover featuring its 5 slain colleagues minutes after midnight.

Maryland law enforcement identified the deceased: Reporter Wendi Winters, assistant editor Robert Hiaasen, sales associate Rebecca Smith, editorial writer Gerald Fischman and reporter John McNamara.

Reporters set up a makeshift newsroom at a nearby parking garage to work on Friday’s edition, which included tributes to their deceased colleagues.

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