Mike Huckabee Defends His Awesome Tweet That Sent Nancy Pelosi Home Crying!

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Former Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas defended his tweet mocking MS-13 and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Monday and told his critics to get a sense of humor.

“How ridiculous. First of all, it was satire,” Huckabee told Fox News host Shannon Bream. “I tell people all the time and I regularly post on my Twitter account — if you don’t have a sense of humor, if you cannot handle satire, please don’t follow me.”

“A lot of people … try to make this about race,” Huckabee continued. “What race was I talking about? I was talking about a criminal gang. A gang is not a race. People who murder, who rape, who mutilate little children. That’s not a race of people. That is a gang of criminals. There’s nothing to defend.”

Huckabee also said he was baffled by how many people publicly defended MS-13 and called them dangerous predators who want to hurt innocent people.

“I’m amazed that there were people out there defending MS-13 and somehow saying that we weren’t nice enough to them. I don’t want to be nice to MS-13. I want them to be out of business,” he concluded. “I appreciate the president for wanting to treat them as they are. As criminals and people that are predators to little children and need to be taken off our streets.”


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