James Comey Tells Ireland He Is ‘Ashamed To Be American’ – Contemplates Doing America A Huge Favor By Fleeing To Canada

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Former FBI Director James Comey trashed America in an interview with an Irish newspaper and said he wanted to avoid calling himself an American.

Comey, who was in Ireland to promote the book he wrote attacking President Donald Trump, gave an interview to The Irish Times while visiting Dublin. He spoke about the issue of illegal immigrant children being detained after entering the United States.

“I am ashamed of the way my country has acted with respect of those children. I am disgusted, I am horrified, I am embarrassed, I’m ashamed,” Comey said.

He then said he wanted to disavow his country while passing through customs.

“My wife and I were joking, not really joking; we wanted to tell the people on the customs line coming here that we were Canadian. And we were joking but it’s funny because it reveals a truth: I’m ashamed.”

Comey insisted he was the voice of most Americans, and predicted changes would take place because of the revulsion over the long-standing federal policy of separating children from parents at the border, a policy ended by Trump on Wednesday, two days before Comey’s interview.

“I am horrified by what happened on our border but I wonder if something good might not come from that,” Comey said.

Comey was appointed by former President Barack Obama to run the FBI but was later fired by Trump, who Comey slammed Friday as “morally unqualified for office,” according to the Washington Times.

During the interview, Comey equated the movement that brought Trump to the White House with past American political “fevers” and said that in the long run, the system will defeat Trump.

“The rule of law is the spine. No president serves long enough to screw that up. Donald Trump, even if he were competent, he could not screw that up,” Comey said.

On Friday, Comey also said that he never meant to harm the candidacy of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who has cited Comey’s reopening of the investigation into her emails as one of the reasons for her defeat.

“I’ve never spoken to her, I’ve never met her, but if I did meet her on St Stephen’s Green I would ask her if she’s had the chance to read that part of my book, just about those decisions, because I honestly don’t think you can learn about those decisions and walk away thinking that we were intending to harm her in some way,” he said, according to the Irish Examiner.

Comey responded to a comment in Clinton’s book “What Happened,” in which she said she was “shivved” by Comey’s actions.

“That makes me feel badly that she’s carrying around that kind of pain, and I would say that I hope you would at least read that part of my book because I think it may change your view about whether you were shivved or not,” he said.

In fact, Comey is under investigation for his role in the probe, particularly the fact that he started drafting the statement clearing Clinton of all charges long before the FBI had interviewed key witnesses in the case.

In Ireland on Friday, Comey said his final interview with former President Barack Obama, in which Obama said he still had a high opinion of Comey, affirmed his faith in himself.

“His saying that gave me a sense of gratitude and relief; it just touched a storehouse of pain I was carrying around,” said Comey, The Irish Times reported.

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