Ted Cruz Dunks All Over Jimmy Kimmel In Charity Basketball Game

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You might have heard rumblings about the B-ball showdown between Ted Cruz and leftist former funnyman, Jimmy Kimmel. The two agreed to face off on the basketball court with the loser donating to the winner’s charity. Well, the results are in. The winner, by way of more balls in baskets, Senator Teddy Cruz!

They were supposed to play to 15, but after 40 minutes, Kimmel and Cruz agreed to make it a little easier.

“In the spirit of bipartisanship, we’re going to shorten the game to 11 [points],” Kimmel told the cheering crowd.

Cruz and Kimmel had brief discussions about detention centers and Cruz’s support for President Donald Trump. Kimmel asked Cruz why he didn’t support covering pre-existing conditions, and booing from the decidedly pro-Kimmel crowd drowned out the senator’s answer.

“I feel like this is the closest we’re going to get to a town hall,” Kimmel said.

“Ted, you’re a good sport,” [Kimmel] said. “I still think you’re a terrible senator.”

That’s okay, Jimbo. Our assessment of you is still the same as well.

Once again, Ted emerges victorious. Depriving Jimbo of the smug victory monologue he was no doubt planning for Monday night. Instead, James now hangs his head in shame. Another lefty fart-knocker dealt with by the gladiator we call Ted Cruz.

Here’s the best part of all:

As the loser, Kimmel pledged after the game to double his donation to Generation One to $10,000. Cruz also pledged $10,000 to Kimmel’s charity, Texas Children’s Hospital.

So, in the end, the real winners of this matchup are the kiddos who just got a big payday courtesy of both ballers. Jokes aside, we’ve got to give props to both Cruz and Kimmel for using their disdain for one another to do a little good.

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