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Target Gets Attacked After Their Racist Line of ‘Baby Daddy’ Father’s Day Cards Goes Viral

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Retail giant Target Corporation has apologized for a line of Father’s Day greeting cards sporting messages to “Baby Daddies” after shoppers complained the company was celebrating absentee fathers in the black community.

From Breitbart:

The retailer pulled the cards produced by greeting card company American Greetings after black shoppers began sharing images of the cards on social media.

The term “baby daddy” is often applied to a man who fathers a child but then refuses to stay with his mother. Baby daddies are often deadbeat fathers, as well, leaving mothers without financial assistance.

Target pulled the cards, which were sold in about 900 stores, and apologized for stocking the item.

“We want all guests to feel welcomed and respected when they shop at Target,” Target spokesperson Joshua Thomas said in a statement published by USA Today. “We were made aware of some concerns about this card last week and are working with our vendor to have it removed from Target stores. We appreciate the feedback and apologize. It’s never our intent to offend any of our guests with the products we sell.”

The publisher of the cards also apologized for the misunderstanding the card fosters.

American Greetings insisted that the card is meant to celebrate a “loving father,” but the company agreed the cover of the card could be taken out of context.


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