Clinton Campaign BUSTED! Funneled Millions From State Parties to Clinton, Violating FEC Rules

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A pro-Trump group has filed a federal lawsuit accusing several state Democratic parties of conspiring with Clinton operatives to circumvent FEC caps on individual giving, and funneling millions of dollars meant for state-level candidates into the Hillary Clinton for President campaign.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that the Nevada Democratic Party is one of several state-level parties targeted in the lawsuit filed by the “Committee to Defend the President PAC” late last week.

According to a previous FEC complaint filed by the same group, the Nevada Dems and other state parties took part in “an unprecedented, massive, nationwide multi-million dollar conspiracy” that saw Clinton operatives, the Clinton victory fund, and Democratic operatives “effectively laundering nearly all contributions,” amounting to a staggering $84 million in allegedly misused funds.

The PAC suggests in its lawsuit that state Democratic parties aligned with the national Clinton campaign and Hillary Victory Fund to hold joint fundraisers. Since the FEC doesn’t limit how much individual donors can contribute to such fundraisers, attendees sometimes gave as much as $350,000 to attend these swanky events (often hosted by the likes of George Clooney, Anna Wintour, and Harvey Weinstein).

State parties and the national campaign were supposed to split the take. But the Committee to Defend the President claims the state parties often took their share and “re-donated” the money to the Hillary Victory Fund. The system raised millions for the national campaign while state-level campaigns, who were supposed to be equal beneficiaries of the events, went without.

In the case of the Nevada Democratic Party, for example, the Hillary Victory Fund transferred $1.7 million after a joint fundraiser. But $1.6 million of that money never appeared on the Nevada state party’s reports.

Officials for the Nevada state party told the Review Journal that they believe the lawsuit is just a political stunt.

VIA Daily Wire

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