If You Support Women, Support The Second Amendment – New Story Shows How Guns EMPOWER Women

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An Arlington, Tennessee, mother reportedly used a pistol to save herself from being raped by her son’s 18-year-old friend, who was staying at their house for a sleepover Sunday night.

The mother had locked her bedroom door after bringing all the alcohol inside, but heard a knock around 2:30 a.m. She opened the door to her son’s friend, Jordan Corter, who then forced his way inside, locked the door, and began touching her inappropriately, according to WREG.

Shelby County deputies say Corter forced her on the bed after she fought back, but she was eventually able to knee him in the groin, grab her pistol and force her assailant to leave the house by pointing it at his face, Fox13 reported.

Police learned of the incident after the victim told her boss on Monday afternoon. Corter was arrested and charged with sexual battery and attempted rape. After his arrest, he reportedly told authorities he had “forced the victim to do the things she didn’t want to do” and that he “should not be forgiven,” according to police reports.

Interestingly, in its reporting of the incident on Wednesday, The Washington Post calledthe case “a rare example of a crime victim using a gun to successfully protect herself.”

However, Just Facts president James Agresti writes for that a “range of credible data suggests that civilians use guns to stop violence more than 100,000 times per year.”

Via DailyCaller

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