CNN’s Jim Acosta Has Meltdown With Secret Service After They MAJORLY Deflated His Ego

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Jim Acosta is going to need a few days to cool off after a recent ‘mini-meltdown’ that occurred Monday. Acosta has been CNN’s White House correspondent for the past five years, has been the center of attention (for better or worse) on a few small occasions, and has established a reputation for enjoying driving President Trump and Press Secretary Sarah Sanders up the wall with insistent and ridiculous questions.

All this has apparently gotten to his head and lead the correspondent to feel like the “big man on campus.” Luckily for the rest of humanity, we have footage of the liberal reporter eating a humble pie.

Jim Acosta became argumentative when a Secret Service agent failed to recognize him (because he’s such a big household name…) and requested to see his press credentials before entering the White House.

“When you’re walking around,” an agent can be heard telling Acosta, who was not wearing his pass around his neck — as required by members of the media — in a video of the incident, “we need you to wear it so we know who you are.”


“I’ve been here five years, and nobody has said that to me,” a frustrated Acosta said.

“I haven’t been here five years,” the agent shot back. “I didn’t recognize you.”

Defeated, Acosta flashed his pass and then walked away. According to the social media user who shared the video, the footage only “captured part of it,” so it’s unclear how long the CNN correspondent had been arguing with the agent prior to filming.



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