V.P. Mike Pence Delivers Encouraging Message For American Christians – Then The Audience Stood As One And Did Something Astounding!

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Vice President Mike Pence appeared Friday at a pastors conference where he talked about the Trump administration’s commitment to evangelical issues and encouraged the group to keep sharing “the good news of Jesus Christ.”

“Other than the service of those who wear the uniform of the United States especially our cherished fallen, the ministries that you lead and the prayers that you pray are the greatest consequence in the life of the nation,” said Pence as he addressed the Watchman on the Wall conference, which is sponsored by the Family Research Council, according to CBN.

“Keep preaching the good news. Keep preaching in season and out of season as the Bible says. Always be prepared to give a reason for the hope that you have,” implored the vice president.

Pence described his own Christian conversion 40 years ago when he “literally walked down and gave my life to Jesus Christ,” and implored the group to “continue to share the gospel, share that life-changing message.”

“I couldn’t be more proud to serve under the most pro-life president America has ever seen,” Pence told the group as he touted the Trump administration’s accomplishments nominating conservative judges and moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.


Via DailyCaller

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