BIZARRE: Oregon Liberal Throws Racially Aggravating ‘No-Whites-Allowed’ Block Party After Scamming Whites For ‘Donation Funds’

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This may be hard to believe — depending on how aware you are of liberal insanity — but a racial grievance monger from Oregon recently convinced over 100 white Portland residents to contribute money toward a reparations fund. Yes, a reparations fund.

Cameron Whitten, 27, then used that money to organize a no-whites-allowed event where every “black, brown and indigenous” participant was treated to a free $10 reward (or reparation) for just being a minority.

The event was hosted by Brown Hope, the local activist organization ultimately behind his whole reparations scheme.

Whitten said he hoped the “Reparations Happy Hour” event would call attention to America’s purported need to offer a “cash benefit for historically marginalized” people.

“The idea of reparations is: How do we recognize pain, harm and injustice, and provide an outlet for healing? How did we recognize the emergency of inequality?” he said to The News Tribune.

He seems to be blissfully unaware that America elected its first black president to office ten years ago. Nor does he seem to recognize that the country now contains a sweltering plethora of black millionaires and even black billionaires.

The fact is that the inequalities in opportunity that plagued America’s past are long gone. These days any American willing to work hard may achieve success, regardless of the individual’s race, gender, religion, etc.

Whitten also said he wanted to inspire local whites to pay for minorities to congregate in their own no-whites-allowed “spaces” more often.

“If folks say they want diversity in this community, they need to invest in it. These spaces are critical, and these spaces need to be paid for by white people,” he whined.

Segregating minorities from whites AND demanding white people pay for their activities. Nothing racist about that, right? Actually, that’s the very definition of racism. Whoops!

In defending his insanity, Whitten tried to argue that Oregon’s policies cater to white people.

“I’ve seen daily and monthly what it’s like to live in a place like Oregon, which has a spectacular history of creating policies to be a white, Bohemian utopia,” he said. “If folks are saying they want black, brown and indigenous people here, we’re calling on them to pay for that to happen.”

What exactly is a “white, Bohemian utopia?” And how exactly is Oregon promoting this utopia with its radically “progressive” policies, which allow illegal immigrants to obtain sanctuary/protection from federal authorities, not to mention government-subsidized abortions?

If anything, Oregon sounds like a “utopia” for illegal immigration and other forms of crime that hurt all Americans, particularly blacks.

And a “utopia” for racism, come to think of it, or at least the type of genuinely deplorable anti-white racism that Cameron Whitten lackeys and his misguided peers think is OK.

Hey, kid, in case nobody’s ever told you, racism is never cool … even when it’s perpetrated by a minority like you.


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