President Trump Just Put The World On Notice – ‘Stop Sending Illegals Or We Will Stop SENDING AID’

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Countries with citizens who illegally enter the United States may soon see their foreign aid decrease as President Trump announced the deductions.

“Many of these countries we give tremendous amounts of aid to. Tens of millions of dollars. And we’re working on a plan to deduct a lot of the aid,” Trump said at a roundtable event in New York Wednesday, according to the Washington Examiner.

“We’re going to work out something where every time someone comes in from a certain country, we’re going to deduct a rather large amount of money from what we give them in aid, if we give them aid at all,” Trump said. “We may just not give them aid at all.”

The president’s comments at the Long Island event focused on immigration and the violent MS-13 gang members Trump has referred to as “animals,” came after another panelist’s remarks about foreign countries refusing to accept deportees.

“They’ll let you think they’re trying to stop this. They are not trying to stop it,” Trump said. “I think they encourage people… They don’t want the people that we’re getting.”

“Despite all of the reports I hear, I don’t believe they’re helping us one bit. and it may be that’s the way life is,” he said. “We know where these people are coming from. We’re looking at our whole aid structure and it’s going to be changed very radically. It’s already started.”

Trump grew up in Queens, just miles from where he was speaking in Long Island where the brutal MS-13 gang has an estimated 2,000 members, according to ABC News.

“These are vicious killers and they shouldn’t be allowed into the country,” Trump told Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade in an interview with “Fox & Friends” Wednesday following the roundtable event.

“The laws are horrible. We’re bringing them out by the thousands, as you know, they’re setting records. It’s just a record that I’m not even – I don’t even like talking about because it’s so ridiculous. They shouldn’t be in the country,” he said, pointing out how Democrats are “sticking up” for them.


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