North Korea Does a Complete 180° – Now They’re a Country Based on ‘Politics of Love’

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North Korea’s state news service, Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), issued a vocal defense of its abysmal human rights record on Tuesday, alleging that “socialist Korea” presents “a good example in guaranteeing the genuine civilization and human rights” in contrast to the free societies of the West.

From Breitbart:

Following communist dictator Kim Jong-un’s meeting with leftist South Korean President Moon Jae-in in April, North Korea has increased the number of articles in its state media outlets dedicated to condemning the United States’ human rights record and elevating their own, ignoring the existence of torturous labor camps, use of extreme methods of execution against enemies of the state, forced abortions, and a total ban on religion in the country.

President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet Kim on June 12 in Singapore for an unprecedented summit between the two heads of state. The two are expected to discuss the potential dismantling of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and global investment in bringing North Korea’s economy into the modern world. American officials have made no indication they will pressure Kim to begin respecting international human rights norms.

KCNA claims North Korea already does.

“The human rights performance is the most serious problem in the world where many countries and nations and differing ideologies and systems coexist,” the outlet declares. “But, in socialist Korea, a good example in guaranteeing the genuine civilization and human rights is being set today when the rights of human being remain serious.”

In Korea, the article claims, “The working masses are masters of everything and everything of the state and society serve them.” The people “are enjoying the genuine political, social, economic and cultural rights.”

“Ordinary citizens of the country such as weaver, miner, peasant and scientist are elected as deputies to the Supreme People’s Assembly discussing the state affairs and represent the people’s interests,” the piece continues, adding that North Koreans enjoy state-sponsored education and housing. In North Korea, all education is geared toward brainwashing citizens into worshipping the Kim families. It is illegal not to decorate one’s home with photos of Kim Jong-un, his father Kim Jong-il, and grandfather and “Eternal President” Kim Il-sung. Couples receive the photos upon marriage to bless their homes.

“The politics of love and trust taking care of the people’s destiny in a responsible manner to the last have been enforced at a higher level century after century under the wise guidance of the WPK,” KCNA concludes. Kim Jong-un “formulated the people-first doctrine” and has blessed the nation by “giving priority to the people and respecting and loving them with his warm affection.”

Do you believe in North Korea’s new “politics of love?” Do you believe that they are sincere in their changes, or is it some sort of political ploy?

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