Racial Hypersensitivity Reaches New Peak, White-guilt Liberals Want To Ban All White People From This Basic Freedom!

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In post-Obama America, where racial hypersensitivity has reached a peak, not only is it politically correct to assume what whitey is thinking, it’s acceptable on the left to openly condemn white people for these perceived thoughts.

For “acting stupidly.”

With a focus on incidents where one person calls the police on another person(s),” the natural assumption is made that if the person calling the cops is white and the other party is black, then it’s racism — never mind that the reasoning could by any number of things.

The recent incident at the Philadelphia Starbucks comes to mind, where a manager who happened to be white called police on two black men — who declared the whole thing was about race, even though the manager was just trying to enforce company policy on non-paying customers.

But then, such jumping to conclusions is what elevated the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie into a national movement.

The latest example of this phenomenon took place last month in a park in Oakland, California, where a woman called the police on a group who were barbecuing with a charcoal grill “in a grilling area where charcoal wasn’t allowed,” according to Yahoo News.

The woman was white and the group was black, so she was instantly accused of being racist by another white woman — which must make it true — even though she insisted, “It has nothing to do with race.”

Democrats add to what is often an overreach not supported by facts, as seen when Oakland City Councilmember Lynette Gibson McElhaney jumped to conclusions.

“Police are not private security for any white person that’s offended by the presence of black folks in our public spaces,” McElhaney told Huffington Post.

Liberal media outlets always jump on these stories and they become the latest cause du jour, as was the case in Oakland, where the perpetually offended came together to celebrate their moral superiority and inclusivity with those who think like they do.

But then, white-guilt liberals eager to be accepted by the left only add to the problem, as seen in a Huffington Post article by Sarah Ruiz-Grossman‏, “We need to talk about white people calling the cops on people of color.”

The author believes it’s her duty to put forth the emotional labor needed to educate other white people on their racism.

“The past few weeks have seen a spate of news stories about white Americans calling the police on people of color who appear to be simply going about their lives ― whether waiting at a Starbucksgolfing, attending a university tour, leaving an Airbnbnapping or barbecuing,” Ruiz-Grossman wrote.

Displaying a unique talent of being able to read minds, she determines that it’s hard to “avoid the conclusion that the people who called the police did so because of a conscious or unconscious belief that people of color simply don’t belong, or that they inherently pose a danger or threat.”

And there you have it. Because the left declares you a racist in the quest to advance a political agenda, you’re a racist. With the Democratic Party and a complicit media 100 percent on board with the tactic.

What is really at play here may be a true example of real privilege in America today, where an entitled class of people feel the rules that govern the rest of society do not apply to them.

Or is that just my white privilege speaking.

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