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President Trump Couldn’t Care Less About Nobel Prize: ‘The Prize I Want is Victory for the World’

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President Donald Trump dismissed questions about whether or not he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to negotiate peace in North Korea.

From Breitbart:

“Everyone thinks so, but I will never say it,” Trump said when asked by reporters if he thought he deserved recognition from the Nobel committee.

The president commented on the ongoing peace negotiations on Wednesday after a cabinet meeting at the White House.

 Trump told reporters that he was only interested in a “great deal” for peace with North Korea.

“I want to get it finished, the prize I want is victory for the world … that’s the only prize I want,” he said.

Trump signaled gratitude to North Korea for the release of three detained American citizens, as they are expected to arrive in the United States with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo early Thursday morning.

“I appreciate Kim Jong-un doing this and allowing them to go,” Trump said.

He confirmed that his meeting with Jong-un would not take place at the DMZ between the borders of North and South Korea, but repeated that the location announcement would be made soon.

Asked if the meeting could still fall through, Trump acknowledged that it was all temporary until a deal was reached.

“Everything can be scuttled, a lot of things can happen,” he said.

Do you think that Trump deserves the Nobel prize for his efforts? He would be only the 5th sitting president to ever win one. Would it silence his detractors if he were the recipient?

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