This Huge Group of Democrats Just Flipped, and Are Now COMPLETELY Supporting President Trump – Everyone is SHOCKED!

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A Reuters poll was just released that caused quite a stir on social media after it was discovered that one particular group has flipped on Democrats and is now supporting President Trump.

From Conservative Post:

This poll is being referred to as the “Kanye Effect” as he’s turned his back on the Democrat party who is commonly chastised for taking advantage of, or targeting, people of color. The poll, of course, had only talked to 200 black males, so it was a very tiny fraction of a sample. The polls that many people use are often of much smaller samples than we wish to know. That explains why the polls come out and so many people say “why wasn’t I ever asked.”

The poll suggests, even in small testing numbers, that black males support for President Trump have almost doubled.

From Breitbart:

According to a Reuters poll, approval for President Trump has doubled between April 22 and April 29, from 11 percent to 22 percent.

The Daily Caller, which first unearthed this metric, suggests caution. Although that was the week music superstar Kanye West came out in support of Trump, the finding could also be statistical noise in a poll that only talked to 200 black men.

Trump’s overall approval among black Americans also nearly doubled, with a jump from 8.9 percent to 16.5 percent.

Another interesting metric was on the issue of “mixed feelings.” Opinions on Trump among black males were hardened on the 22nd when only 1.5 percent said they have “mixed feelings” on the president. A week later that number jumped to 7.1 percent, which would suggest Kanye West’s goal of unlocking the mind to see outside the Left’s Thought Plantation is reaching people.


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