Sarah Sanders Expertly Shuts Down CNN Analyst Who Asks DUMBEST QUESTION In White House History

April Ryan might have asked the worst question in the history of the White House press briefing on Tuesday.

Ryan, the White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks and a CNN political analyst, first asked a perfectly legitimate question about the recent Waffle House shooting, namely if the administration had reached out to hero James Shaw Jr. about visiting the White House and so that his selfless action could be honored by President Trump. Sanders responded that they had reached out to Shaw.

Ryan then launched into a nonsensical follow-up.

“Chaos, hush money, Russia trolls, Facebook, Wikileaks, D.N.C. Hacks, Comey email investigation on the eve of the election, allegations of collusion,” she said, lacking any semblance of basic sentence structure. “Do these issues give support to those who offer questions about the president’s legitimacy?”

The White House press secretary looked confused and responded “I’m not sure I follow the question.”

Sanders then added “millions of Americans came out and voted for and continue to support this presidency makes him pretty legitimate.”

Via DailyCaller 

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    Companies that fail shield sensitive customer data from being stolen by computer hackers should be made to pay for their negligence, The Privacy Commissioner of Canada said on thursday.

    communicating at the Canada 3.0 community forum in Stratford Ontario, Jennifer Stoddart told participants she was troubled by the increasing number of hacking incidents which have victimized a large number of Canadians.

    Seems to me that it time to begin imposing fines important, Attention getting fines on companies when poor privacy and security conditions lead to breaches, She said in a speech delivered saturday morning, Noting that her counterparts in France and the United Kingdom already have the ability to impose substantial fines.

    Her article comes just one day after a Toronto law firm filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Sony Corp. For allowing a breach in its security system that concluded in more than 100 million customer accounts being compromised. The suit named a 21 years old PlayStation user from Mississauga, Ontario, As lead litigant. Information Commissioner Christopher Graham recently fined a British county council approximately $157,000 for two incidents where officials faxed highly sensitive details to the wrong recipients. In italy, bing Inc. Was fined extra than $140,000 for its coping with of Street View data; An issue for which the Web search giant has been heavily chastised in several countries practically.

    continue working month, Sony was forced to closed its PlayStation Network, An Internet based service allowing for online gaming and purchasing virtual goods and media. The closure came as a result of hackers stealing personal information such as the names, offices, email addresses and passwords of some 78 million users.

    On wednesday, The Japanese electronics giant revealed the original attack was even worse than previously imagined once it found its Sony Online entertainment (SOE) Division a separate service accessed largely by PC gamers playing such titles as had also been accessed. An additional 25 million accounts had been compromised by the breach, enterprise said, using more than 12,000 credit card numbers owned by mainly European users stolen.

    Analysts have estimated the breach to cost Sony well over US$1.5 billion in lost bottom line. But on the following thursday, A Toronto law firm sought to rapidly grow that price tag by filing a proposed class action lawsuit against the company, seeking up to $1 billion in damages.

    Similar attacks have befallen the users of online dating websites such as Vancouver based PlentyOfFish and eHarmony recently. at the end of March, emails belonging to some of the 20 million members of TripAdvisor the world largest travel review website were also stolen. Senator rich Blumenthal, Have openly criticized Sony handling of newest incident. on the contrary, They have hitherto stopped short of with Sony to be fined.

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    SINGAPORE (Reuters a lifetime!) Singapore economic depression may prove to be Cupid ally as dating agencies in the city state have reported a spike up in the number of singles signing up to find partners, The slavic ladies Straits Times said on friday.

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    Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the expertise of others. better,

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    target and get Buy Baby prefer to stop advertising newborn keen sleepers, popular which government security regulators a bad press lately informed people to eliminate applying as soon as they were related to approximately 70 random fatalities, the actual product or opportunity security cut celebrity fad monday.

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