Pat Sajak ROCKS HOLLYWOOD With This Word Puzzle – #CWMTOB. Can You Solve It?

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Pat Sajak, is an American Icon. And Wheel of Fortune is one the longest running game shows in history.

It’s a game where you solve word puzzles. And Pat has left a great puzzle for his fellow Hollywood types to figure out!

Pat Sajak tweeted a great new campaign that he would like to see his colleagues join! And Pat is ready to jump in …feet first!

In a well-timed tweet, Pat said, “I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines.” He then encourages his fellow celebrities to take action!

Sajak said, “Time to get involved, take a stand, make a difference.” Very wittily, Pat then made his great announcement! He said, “Announcing formation of Celebrities Who Mind Their Own Business.”

Also, to his credit, he did give the answer to the puzzle before the question to help his fellow colleagues out! He tweeted the answer, “#CWMTOB.” (Continued below.)

Pat then pleaded with Hollywood to do the right thing and join his cause! He said, “Join me now…before it’s too late.”

This was not Pat’s first tweet on the subject. Pat had also penned this jewel back in October of 2017. It is dripping with sarcasm and his followers knew it!

The Daily Wire suggested “Pat Sajak, the host of Wheel of Fortune and a very funny man, issued a tweet in the wake of the plethora of uninformed opinions offered by self-important celebrities (Need we mention Jimmy Kimmel?) in response to the Las Vegas massacre.”

And with GREAT sarcasm, Pat had tweeted this jewel, “OK, let me explain this again: We’re celebs. We’re wiser & more empathetic than you. We are famous. Please take our opinions more seriously.”

It seems once a year, Pat Sajak does his civic duty! Because in 2016 Pat tweeted out his public message to the celebrities of Hollywood by saying, “I don’t endorse candidates.”

Additionally, Pat then went on to recommend that their followers should not listen to them either. He said, “And people who vote based on the recommendation of “celebrities” should not be allowed to vote.”


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