Trump SCRAPS Mueller Interview After ‘Unreasonable’ Cohen Raids

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President Donald Trump’s legal team and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office are preparing legal strategies to go forward without a presidential interview as part of the Russia probe, according to NBC News. The news proves to be devastating to Mueller and Democrats who hoped to exploit the president towards their own agenda.

The president is sending a bold response after Mueller carried out a highly controversial raid earlier week on Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Mueller himself seems to be backing off the idea as well.

Trump’s legal team has been working closely with Mueller’s office for months to set-up a possible interview between Mueller and the president. But Trump said Mueller’s concerning actions against his attorney crossed a serious red line for him.

On Monday, Mueller gave a referral to the FBI, which allowed them to obtain a search warrant and raid Cohen’s office and home in New York. Investigators reportedly seized documents regarding the infamous 2005 “Hollywood Access” tape and adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Given that has absolutely nothing with Mueller’s job description or his duty to investigate alleged Russia collusion, Trump is signaling he’s done playing nice with the special counsel’s office.

Many experts argued Trump shouldn’t sit down for an interview with Mueller because it would be a legal trap for the special counsel to twist his words and manipulate his statement to make him look guilty.

But Trump has stated on several occasions he wants to speak with Mueller and comply because he believed it would finally put an end to the Russia witch hunt.

But after raiding his personal attorney’s office, which many have called unconstitutional and outright disturbing, Trump is responding with strength.

On Thursday, White House Counsel Ty Cobb said the report from NBC News was “untrue” and that Trump hadn’t completely ruled out a presidential interview.

It’s unclear what happens next, but many agree with Trump that Mueller crossed a serious legal and ethical line by authorizing a raid on Cohen’s home and office for documents completely unrelated to Russia.


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