Bank of America Just Made a SCARY Announcement That Affects ALL Gun Owners

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According to The Washington Times, Bank of America announced Tuesday that they would no longer conduct business with any firearms manufacturer that produces and sells “military-style” weapons for civilian use.

From Conservative Tribune:

That announcement came from BoA vice chairman Anne Finucane during an interview with Bloomberg TV, which coincidentally is owned by billionaire gun control financier and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bank of America will no longer extend loans or underwrite securities for manufacturers that continue to produce and sell “military-style” firearms like the ubiquitous AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and others modeled after it.

Asked about the reaction the firm received from those manufacturers upon learning the news, Finucane said it has been “mixed.”

Will this hurt gun owners and gun manufacturers in the long term, or do you think another bank will step up to fill the deficit?

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