Trump Responds To ‘Disgraceful…Inappropriate’ FBI Raids On Lawyer Michael Cohen

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Sources have confirmed that the FBI conducted raids on the office and hotel room of President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, on Monday.

  • FBI seized business records, emails, and documents related to “several topics” – including payments to Porn Actress Stormy Daniels.
  • Federal prosecutors claim the raids were conducted, based on search warrants granted in relation to investigating “possible bank fraud”.
  • Prosecutors received the warrants after receiving a referral from Special Council Robert Mueller, according to Cohen’s lawyer.
  • Cohen’s Lawyer has officially denounced the raids as “completely inappropriate and unnecessary.”
  • The search is most likely linked to information that was uncovered during but not directly linked to, the Mueller investigation.

Monday night, Trump angrily unloaded on his top law enforcement officials, who are directly linked to the approval for the raids.

  • Trump denounced the raids – comparing them to unlawful break-ins, calling them “disgraceful…attacks on our country in a true sense.”
  • Trump stated that the raids were just another part in a long series of witch hunts against Trump and his closest allies, having been instigated and paid for by Democrats and liberal leadership.

Trump scalded the FBI, Jeff Sessions, the DOJ and other top law enforcement for continuing to waste time and resources on the Trump witch hunts when there have been, “actual crimes committed by the Democrats,” that remain untouched.

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