My Pillow Stood By Ingraham – Customers Reward Loyalty In HUGE Way

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My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell says his company’s pillow sales remain “strong” after bucking the David Hogg-led boycott of Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.”

MyPillow sales are strong. I am blessed to have loyal customers and grateful for all the support,” Lindell said in a Monday statement to The Daily Caller.

Last week, Lindell announced his decision to keep advertising on Laura Ingraham’s program via Twitter.

As The Daily Caller reported last week, the announcement came as several sponsors pulled their advertising from Ingraham’s show at the behest of Parkland survivor David Hogg, who seemingly wants her to lose her show over a tweet.

Many Hogg supporters upset at Lindell’s decision called on like-minded individuals to boycott My Pillow, using the Twitter hashtag #BoycottMyPillow.

As it happens, conservatives have money too, and flooded sites like The Daily Caller with comments like these below:

“I just called the 800 number 2 hours ago and bought My Pillows, and congratulated the company for not bowing down to liberal lunacy. I told them that standing up and keeping My Pillow ads on Ingraham’s show was the reason I finally decided to buy from them.”

“A man who actually has the courage to publicly stand by his convictions! Time to buy yet one more My Pillow.”

“Just bought 2 more….thanks for keeping the sanity alive.”

“Looks like I will be purchasing some new pillows this week.”

Via DailyCaller

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