California Dems Put Cops Lives In Grave Danger With Reckless ‘First Of Its Kind’ Restriction

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Talk about handcuffing police, California Democrats are pushing an unprecedented law to limit when a cop can use his/her weapon.

Following the shooting death of an unarmed black man in Sacramento last month by police, state lawmakers have proposed legislation that raises the threshold for when an officer may open fire, Huffington Post reported.

Flanked by leaders from the NAACP and the anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement, Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, said at a news conference Tuesday the law would change the guidelines in California’s use of force laws so that cops may use their weapon ”‘only when necessary’ rather than ‘when reasonable.’”

And somewhere between “when reasonable” and “when necessary” lay the bodies of dead cops who, with added pressure of whether its legal to use their service weapon, hesitate a second too long.

The co-author of the “first of its kind state law,” Democrat Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, added that the bill is intended to ensure state policy “stresses the sanctity of human life.”

This coming from those who support the killing of unborn children.

In a potential indication of who Democrats consider the real enemy, Assemblyman Christopher Holden, an African-American, went so far as to claim officers use black men as “target practice” while naming unarmed black victims of police shootings.

“We should no longer be the target practice of a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ police force,” Holden said, according to the online news source.

Naturally, the proposal is supported by the American Civil Liberties Union and the California Legislative Black Caucus.

“It’s clear that the current law protects the police, not the people,” ACLU legislative advocate Lizzie Buchen said, according to Huffington Post.

Snarky social media users offered up some suggestions on how cops should respond when dealing with dangerous criminal elements:

Here’s a sampling of other reactions to Democrats effectively tying one arm behind the back of officers, as seen on Twitter:

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