James Woods Throws Down: ‘Stop Alien Horde With National Guard…Replace Every Congressman Lacking Balls To Secure Border’

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A virtual army of over a thousand Central American migrants are defiantly marching through Mexico toward the U.S. southern border, with little resistance from Mexican authorities, and actor James Woods is especially agitated over the lack of leadership seen from Republicans in Washington.

The illegal migrant horde expects to take advantage of weak U.S. immigration laws once they arrive at the border, and the outspoken conservative actor has a solution: Speaker Paul Ryan “must go.”

Woods went on a Twitter-rant linking to a Fox News segment featuring the head of the border patrol union, Brandon Judd, noting that the caravan is in Mexico illegally and receiving assistance in their trek north.

The invading migrant army is seen below crossing into Mexico from Guatemala, as reported on Twitter:

Judd said some of the migrants are expected to request asylum, while others will likely take advantage of a “catch and release” immigration policy reinstated under President Barack Obama.

Woods tweeted: “There is no hope to stop this invasion until we rid ourselves of EVERY current member of Congress who will not stand up to this.”

All of this to take place while impotent Republican leaders in D.C. look on, as Woods noted with a creative hashtag and a determination that with today’s political leaders, “America is now a nation without borders.”

“These #PeopleWithoutBorders are headed to the right place,” the actor said. “Thanks to #DemocratsWithoutPrinciples and #RepublicansWithoutBalls, America is now a nation without borders as well.”

The movement is organized by a group of volunteers called Pueblos Sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders, as Woods indicated with another hashtag.

Their numbers are a means of protection from authorities who may try to stop them, and from gangs and cartels who often prey on the migrants — and while members of the media are tagging along, there’s little reporting on who may be financing such a large movement.

But make no mistake, Woods sees the onslaught as an invasion of illegal aliens and he is calling for the National Guard to be sent to the border… though it would take an act of Congress to circumvent current law.

Send the National Guard to the border,” he tweeted, “until you can rid Congress of #RepublicansWithoutBalls. We need to elect a Congress that will do something about this #InvasionOfIllegalAliens.”

But Woods seems to know what too many Americans already know, that being that the GOP will do little to stop “this alien horde.”

At least, not until “worthless” Speaker Paul Ryan is replaced.

“It is this simple. @SpeakerRyan must go,” Woods tweeted. “While this alien horde marches toward our southern border, we need to find new leaders. We have approximately two weeks before this invasion. The clock is ticking on Paul Ryan. Do something, you worthless #RepublicansWithoutBalls!

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