Joy Behar Attacks Melania Trump – BIG MISTAKE, View Co-hosts Rip Her Apart!

Meghan McCain and Sara Haines, cohosts of ‘The View,’ defended First Lady Melania Trump from accusations that she is hypocritical for trying to combat cyberbullying.


Joy Behar argued that Melania Trump is “hypocritical” because President Donald Trump is a “cyber bully” himself, but McCain and Haines shot back that Melania deserves to be an independent person that is not judged for her husband’s actions.

McCain noted that her husband is also a political commentator and, as they often disagree on issues, she “would like the right to have my opinion separate from my husband’s.”

“Why can’t we separate women from our husbands?” she asked. “Why can’t I do my job and not have his crap on me and my crap on him?”

“She has the right to have her own voice and her own platform,” McCain said of Melania Trump.

Haines agreed, arguing that she and her husband “disagree on a lot of political things ” and would like to not be boxed in together.

“I feel that, to me, I don’t want everything my husband says, my family says, all disagreeing parties here…I shouldn’t be held accountable for everything they [say],” Haines concluded.

Via DailyCaller

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