[VIDEO] Ann Coulter Forgets Her Place, Calls Out Trump By Saying His Border Wall Prototypes Are a ‘Waste of Time’

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New York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter says President Trump’s border wall prototypes sitting in the San Diego, California, desert are “a ridiculous waste of time.”

From Breitbart:

During an interview on KABC Los Angeles, Coulter mocked Trump’s border wall prototypes after the president visited the structures last week, as Breitbart News reported. According to Coulter:

They’re very good at stopping any illegal alien prototypes. … I don’t know why we need prototypes, except that it’s all just a fakeout and the whole thing about building a wall is just ‘I’m going to get four years saying I’m going to build the wall and inspecting prototypes, but I’ll never actually build the wall.’ … No, it’s a ridiculous waste of time. 

Coulter said the U.S. should model its illegal immigration policies on Israel’s successful effort that has ended all illegal immigration into the country, as noted by Breitbart Israel Bureau Chief Aaron Klein. Coulter said: 

I’ll take whatever Israel has because it’s working 100 percent. … They have a huge problem with illegal aliens and they’re fantastic. I mean, I have a whole chapter in ‘Adios, America’ about ‘Why can’t we have Israel’s plan on immigration?’ … They take illegal aliens and just fly them to other countries and drop them off in the desert.

For someone who claims to be a conservative, Coulter constantly goes against anything Trump is doing, and badmouths all of his decisions and policies at any possible time.

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