Classic Liberal Move – CNN Injects Racial Hate Against Whites Into Alarming Texas Headline

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CNN is keeping its audience informed on the horrific string of bombings terrorizing Austin, Texas, but not without forcefully injecting race into the story.

CNN alerted social media users that “the two victims of Sunday’s explosion in Austin, Texas, are white,” in a tweet Monday morning. This already seems like a superfluous piece of information, until you read the next sentence.

“The previous victims were black or Hispanic, raising fears the attacks could be race related,” read the tweet.

Before the race of Sunday’s victims were reported, there was no evidence that the attacks have been racially motivated aside from the victims had all been minorities. Austin police have not suggested the attacks are hate crimes.

Instead, Austin police cannot yet discern an ideology or pattern to the bombings.

“We’re clearly dealing with what we expect to be a serial bomber,” Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said during a press conference. His department will investigate any patterns in bombings to “determine if we see a specific ideology behind this,”  he told reporters.

To be certain, it is entirely possible the Austin bomber is a confused white supremacist, or more likely, CNN thinks creating a hate crime narrative is an effective way of getting clicks.

Via BizPAC

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