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Baby Born Addicted to Heroin Dies After 9 Days – Mom Just Got Sentenced To THIRTY YEARS In Prison

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A Maryland judge sentenced a mother whose baby was born addicted to heroin to 30 years in prison for the death of her son on Monday.

As Reported by Breitbart:

Anne Kirsch, 37, of Baltimore gave birth to Matthew Kirsch Jr. in October 2015, at work in the repair bay of an auto repair shop, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Prosecutors told the jury that the baby boy was apparently born with a heroin addiction and had to suffer from the excruciating effects of withdrawal, the local newspaper stated. Kirsch admitted that she used heroin when she was pregnant as well as the night before her son died. The infant also suffered from malnutrition and physical abuse.

An autopsy revealed the child had “a traumatic brain injury consistent with having his head slammed against a flat surface,” the local publication reported. The doctors who examined him also said his stomach was empty and that he died after being abused and neglected.

The state attorney for Baltimore said in a released statement: “My heart breaks that this child suffered through nine days of heroin withdrawals, blunt force trauma, and starvation.” Marilyn Mosby added, “Both parents had an obligation to ensure the safety and well-being of the life they chose to bring into this world.”

This woman got what she deserved. Hell, she’s lucky she only got thirty years. If I were the judge, I’d have sentenced her to death by heroin. These pieces of crap don’t deserve to live.

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