Police Charged HUGE Fine For Requiring Arrested Muslim Women To Remove Hijabs For Mugshots

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New York City will be forced to pay out $180,000 to three Muslim women who filed a lawsuit after they were asked to remove their hijabs for mugshot photos.

The three women got $60,000 each. In one of the cases, a high school student called “G.E.” was arrested after getting into a fistfight with two girls she thought were gossiping about her, Fox News reported.

In her lawsuit, the Muslim girl claimed she felt “exposed, violated and distraught” after a male police officer told her to remove her headscarf so he could take her mugshot photo. The police department said the male cop took the photo because there was no female officer available at that moment.

This is the latest in a disturbing trend of hefty lawsuit settlements being paid out by police departments around the United States. This is also a skyrocketing trend across Europe, where Muslim populations are mushrooming in England, France, Sweden, the Netherlands and elsewhere.

In 2015, the New York City Police Department modified their mugshot policies specifically to accommodate Muslims. The order says officers who arrest a woman who refuses to remove her Islamic headscarf must offer her the choice of a private photo session without the hijab in the presence of a female officer.

In the latest lawsuit, the three Muslim women claimed cops violated the NYPD’s own policy. It’s unclear why the judge or jury did not make exceptions for instances where a female officer is not around to chaperone the private mugshot photo session.

While liberals are cheerfully celebrating the hijab, they blithely ignore why Muslim women wear them in the first place: It’s so they don’t get raped. Basically, fundamental Islam teaches that women encourage rape if they walk around looking like women.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim turned outspoken critic of Islam, has slammed the hijab as a symbol of the oppression and abuse of women in Muslim countries, where women are routinely beaten and raped by their husbands, can be stoned for getting raped, and married off as 6-year-old girls.

“The hijab as a symbol justifies the rape of women who refuse to wear it,” she tweeted. “It is time to discard it like the chastity belt.”

The Muslim community responded by making death threats against Hirsi Ali.

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