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Trump’s Latest Comments on The Parkland Shooting Have Liberals FUMING Mad, But Patriots Are Standing In Applause

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Trump wasn’t messing around when he told a gathering of governors on Monday that if he’d been in Parkland, Florida last week, he’d have ran into that school and battled the shooter. “I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon,” Trump was quoted as saying.

Even though his comments weren’t literal, and he was taking a jab at the ineffective Florida deputies who didn’t rush into the school after arriving, liberal news and figureheads have been, predictably, bashing Trump for his comments.

From Conservative Post:

The long minutes that police officers waited before engaging the shooter cost at least several more children their lives.

Needless to say, liberals across the Internet, and especially in the mainstream media, have been busy ridiculing Trump for saying such a thing.

It’s just another indication of how far this country has veered from our former “no fear” attitude.

The president is trying inspire courage, and all they can do is mock him.

While liberals everywhere roll their eyes and mock President Trump, true American patriots understand what he meant, and agree with his sentiment. When the lives of our friends, neighbors, and children are in danger, then doing whatever you can to protect them is the only option. Trump understands this, as do most Americans. The ones who don’t are the cowardly Broward Sheriff’s deputies, and the libtards who wouldn’t lift a finger to help anyone but themselves.

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