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Florida GOP Rep Is Begging Trump For an Immediate BAN on AR-15 Rifles

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Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) is asking President Trump to enact an immediate “temporary ban” on AR-15 sales while Congress weighs whether to ban the rifles altogether.

From Breitbart:

Mast said,

We’ve seen a lot of shootings out there. We’ve seen what’s happened in Parkland, we’ve seen what happened in Las Vegas, we saw what happened in Orlando. And for me personally, it pains to know that I went out there, willing to defend my country, willing to give everything, with almost the exact same weapon that’s used to go out there and, unfortunately, kill children here in Parkland. And I think there’s very real opportunity here for response and for action.

It needs to be noted that an AR-15 is not “almost the exact same weapon” that Mast used. He used an M-16, which resembles an AR-15, but is fully automatic. M-16s have a selector switch on the left side of the rifle that allows military personnel to select their rate of fire–semi, full-auto, three round bursts–but an AR-15 is strictly semiautomatic. (Even an AR-15 with a bump stock only fires on round per each pull of the trigger.)

Nevertheless, Mast is pushing for a ban on AR-15s and, for now, is asking President Trump to put a “temporary ban” in place to give Congress time to act.

Do you agree with Mast? Should there be a ban on AR-15s specifically, enacted immediately?

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