This Democrat Just Called For The Resignation of ALL Senators Who Voted Against Stricter Gun Laws

via Breitbart:

On Thursday’s “MSNBC Live,” Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy (D) argued that “any senator who has voted against legislation that would make us safer” is a coward who “should resign.”

Malloy said, “You know, first of all, the federal government should do something. Quite frankly, any senator who has voted against legislation that would make us safer should be embarrassed. Quite frankly, they should resign. They should be called out for the cowards that they are. Because they’re more afraid of the NRA than seeing someone else’s children shot and killed in a school.”

Is this the problem of the government? Should we be focusing on changing gun laws to make people feel “safer,” or is there a bigger issue? Liberals love to say that changing the gun laws will mean it will be harder for school shootings and other massacres to take place at all. But we already have gun laws, background checks, and more – will making semi-automatic rifles illegal mean that no one will get them anymore, or just drive them into the underground black market?

What do you think?

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