President Trump Brings The Hammer Of Justice Down On One Sanctuary City Cesspool

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 212 illegal immigrants — 195 of them convicted criminals — in a five-day raid in Los Angeles, Calif.


The raid resulted in the arrests of 212 illegal immigrants and the targeting of 122 businesses. ICE said that 88 percent of those arrested were either convicted criminals, had been issued a final order of removal but stayed in the United States, or had been previously deported.

Fifty-five percent of the illegal immigrants arrested were previously convicted on serious or violent offenses, such as child sex crimes, assault, or weapons charges, or were convicted of significant or multiple misdemeanors.

The raid also sent notices of inspection to 122 businesses, which will be required to verify that all of their employees are legally in the United States.

Acting ICE director Thomas Homan slammed the state of California for their sanctuary law, which allows jails to release criminal illegal immigrants even if ICE requests they hold them for deportation. Homan alleged that being unable to deport illegal immigrants from jail has made the large-scale raids more necessary.

“Because sanctuary jurisdictions like Los Angeles prevent ICE from arresting criminal aliens in the secure confines of a jail, our officers are forced to conduct at-large arrests in the community, putting officers, the general public and the aliens at greater risk and increasing the incidents of collateral arrests,” said Homan.

Via DailyCaller

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