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Trump Just Smashed Another Obama Legacy! No More Transgender Bathroom B.S.!

A White House spokeswoman told BuzzFeed News this week that while the Department of Education will continue to investigate discrimination against and harassment of transgender individuals, it “will NOT devote resources to the slew of transgender bathroom cases.”

From Conservative Fighters:

Spokeswoman Liz Hill noted that according to the law of the land, “separating facilities on the basis of sex is not a form of discrimination prohibited by Title IX.”

In other words, claiming discrimination because biological boys must use the boys’ restroom is not supported by the law.

If a “transgender” student is physically harassed, then Trump’s DOE is going to step in.

Apparently Trump has decided that a boy in a dress doesn’t get to be upset about having to use the boys’ restroom. If he does get upset, he can complain about it on social media like all the other SJWs.

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