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“Comedian” Sarah Silverman Just UNLEASHED on Jeff Sessions – You Won’t BELIEVE What She Called Him [Graphic Language Warning]

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Comedian and Hulu talk show host Sarah Silverman took to Twitter Tuesday and viciously attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions over his use of the term “Anglo-American” on Monday while speaking to a conference of the National Sheriffs’ Association.

From Breitbart:

“He’s a racist cunt (no offense to cunts),” Silverman tweeted, linking to a video of Sessions’s speech.

“The office of sheriff is a critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement,” Sessions said, igniting a flurry of invective and charges of racism from many leftist activists and elite media personalities.

However, the phrase “Anglo-American” was used several times, as Breitbart News reporter Ian Mason notes, by former President Barack Obama and his Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Bill Baer (who, like Sessions, is an older white man): 

Anglo-American legal heritage, of course, is a concept familiar to anyone who has attended law school. The concept is frequently referenced in legal opinions and documents. For example, even the hard-left American Civil Liberties Union began an entire section of one of their 1998 amicus briefs to the Supreme Court with “ANGLO-AMERICAN TRADITIONS, CIVILIZED PRACTICE AND THE STRUCTURE OF THE SIXTH AMENDMENT CALL…”

President Barack Obama’s own Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Bill Baer used the same phrase in 2016. Even then-Senator Barack Obama did in 2006, as National Review’s Charles C. W. Cooke pointed out. No major news outlet found either usage remarkable enough to warrant a headline.

Another Hollywood liberal elitist who thinks she can just say and do whatever she likes. This kind of behavior and language is disgusting. It’s not appropriate to say about our President, his cabinet, his staff, or his family, yet these Hollywood know-it-alls don’t think at all about the people they’re impressing this language and attitude upon.

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