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BREAKING: The Olympics Were Just Hit By a MASSIVE Cyber Attack

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Organizers at the 2018 games being held in South Korea are reportedly investigating a possible cyberattack that disrupted certain virtual systems.

Local South Korean media called the incident a definite cyberattack, though an Olympics spokesperson tried to pour cold water on that characterization, saying that no evidence of a cyberattack had been found…yet.

From Reuters:

“There were some issues that affected some of our non-critical systems last night for a few hours,” the official told Reuters. “Experts are watching to ensure and maintain any systems at expected service levels. We are currently investigating the cause of the issue. At this time we cannot confirm (a cyberattack).”

There was some concern of a cyberattack already during the opening ceremony, when many of the 1024 drones slated to put on a spectacular aerial display wouldn’t launch.

The display was later available for television viewers, but those attending the games in person didn’t see many of the drones.

As The Daily Caller noted:

“…cyberattacks and other forms of assault were a big point of fearful contention prior to the games in South Korea as tensions with long-time, adjacent adversary North Korea and much of the diplomatic world have become even more strained.”


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