MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Just Tried To Justify Dems Working with FBI To Hurt Trump

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MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Asks Why It Even Matters If The FBI Worked With Democrats To Hurt Trump. He just exposed his stupidity with this bias question. Is he serious? Does it matter that an American government organization conspired and collided with a political candidate in order to manipulate the outcome of an election? Um, yeah!

Regardless of what information may or may not have been discovered, it still matters that it was conducted illegally.

From Conservative 101:

“Just because something is made by a political partisan or just because somebody sees evidence that scares them and suddenly they become biased against the individual they are investigating, how does that undermine the facts that they have found?” asked Chuck Todd to his guests GOP congressmen Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows.

“From a standpoint of facts, it may not, but from a standpoint of a warrant to actually spy on an American citizen. It is a no-no. You just don’t do that,” responded Meadows.

Do you get it now? You don’t spy on American citizens!

Todd went on to point out that he has not read the FISA application. “All three of us have a problem here. None of us have read the FISA application. I don’t have the information. I’m doing the best I can. You’re making allegations without any supporting evidence of the FISA application,” said Todd.

“An officer of the court has an obligation to share critical information with the court. Four different occasions they did not share the fact that the DNC paid for the dossier,” responded Jordan.


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