WTF?! Liberals Think That If Trump is Impeached, Hillary Will Become The Next President

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Itching for President Trump to be impeached over alleged wrongdoing in his communications with Russia, the monthly magazine Newsweek ran a feature wondering what would happen if and when it comes to that.

They went and found a Harvard professor to tell readers the answer to that question.

From Conservative Post:

“If Trump did conspire with Russia, the president should resign, or, if he does not, he must be impeached.”

Lessig went on to insist that Trump’s removal would also have to include Pence, meaning that House Speaker Paul Ryan would become president.

But, in Lessig’s twisted logic, Ryan should be compelled to step aside in favor of Hillary Clinton, since, supposedly, it was Trump’s dealings with Russia that prevented her from winning in the first place.

“Given that there’s no mechanism in American law for a new election, nor a mechanism for adjusting the criminal outcomes of the preceding election, Ryan should nominate the individual defeated by the treason of his own party, and then step aside, and let her become President,” the professor wrote.

Never mind that there’s absolutely no compelling evidence of Trump-wrongdoing, and that the Mueller investigation is plagued by scandals of its own. Not a word of all that from Lessig.

Rather, liberals continue to live in some kind of fantasy world where they think Trump can and will be deposed at any moment.

Liberals are just completely clueless when it comes to democracy.

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