Army Vet Who Challenged Maxine Waters Got A Big Surprise From President Trump

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California Rep. Maxine Waters may not be gracing President Trump’s State of the Union address with her presence on January 30, but don’t worry – her replacement is a bigtime upgrade.

When he heard about the fact that Waters would be boycotting the speech, Ricky Taylor, an Army vet with two Afghanistan tours under his belt, took to Twitter to express how much he would appreciate the honor.

Taylor was invited on Fox News earlier in the week to make his pitch…

Which was then seen by Representative Sean Duffy.

The Wisconsin Congressman, who gets one guest ticket as a member of Congress, discussed the matter with his wife, who happens to be Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy, and they both agreed to give Taylor the seat she would typically have received to the event.

Which made Ricky Taylor a very happy man…

The pair appeared on Thursday morning’s edition of Fox & Friends to discuss the fortunate series of events.

“After Barack Obama, I think a lot of people in this country really wanted something different,” said Taylor, responding to a question about his support for President Trump. “They didn’t want a politician – they didn’t want somebody who was gong to be a smooth talker and say what you want to hear. I really adhere to his policies on immigration, what his ideas are for the economy so, a lot of this struck a chord with me and I think he’s really coming through with that.”

So, did Waters have anything to say about her ‘replacement?’

“She wants to portray Donald Trump supporters as middle-aged white men that live in trailers and have Confederate flags sticking out,” Taylor said of Waters, “so I just don’t think it fit her narrative and I pretty much knew I wouldn’t get a response from her.”

Many folks tweeted their support for Taylor. They especially seemed to appreciate the fact that the vet, who happens to be a minority, doesn’t fit the Democratic narrative.

Yep, that last tweet about sums it up. While Taylor was hesitant during the interview when asked about the possibility of running for office himself, the support he’s already receiving does raise the possibility that a seat at the State of the Union could be a regular thing for this patriot.

One thing’s for sure – President Trump and America could use him.

Via BizPAC

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