Trump: ‘DACA Is Probably Dead’ – The Price Dem’s Pay For Chasing Distractions

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President Donald Trump attacked Democratic lawmakers Sunday for failing so far to reach a compromise deal with Republicans on the future of the DACA program.

Trump has been embroiled in negotiations with Democrats for months over the Obama-era protections for illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. Trump ended the program in September and told Congress if it wanted to keep the protections then it had to end chain migration, include funding for a border wall, and end the diversity visa lottery system.

Democrats have indicated they may use a failure to compromise on DACA as an opportunity to shut down the government on Jan 19.

The president also touted his belief that the U.S. needs a merit-based immigration system as opposed to one largely centered around family ties and country of origin.

Via DailyCaller

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