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Michael Wolff Was Confronted About His Error-Ridden Book, His Response Is Worse Than Anything He Wrote

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The writer of the controversial new Trump book ‘Fire and Fury’ has faced deep backlash over the accuracy of many of the quotes and stories in the book, but he’s basically saying, “just ignore that.”

Author Michael Wolff has has said that “every word” in his book is true, even though many of the journalists, politicians and staff quoted in the book have denied ever saying the things attributed to them. For their part, the White House has call the book “trash,” “garbage” and fit for the “fiction section” of the bookstore.

Wolff stopped by Katy Tur’s show on MSNBC Monday afternoon to further defend the book. Tur hit Wolff on the fact that many are critiquing the book as untruthful and asking if he will ever release the alleged tapes he has of his interviews. “You have tapes, are you going to release the tapes?” Tur asks. Wolff demurred, saying he is just doing what “every journalist” does. Then, Wolff dropped a bombshell. When asked to produce evidence that what he wrote is true, Wolff said:

My evidence is the book, read the book. If it makes sense to you, if it strikes a cord, if it rings true, it is true.

The baffling comment was not criticized by Tur, who immediately told the author that she read the book and “a lot of the stuff did read as — did feel true, there were a lot of factual errors as well.”

Tur tried to pin Wolff down on the book’s inaccuracies but was unsuccessful. She ended the interview by complimenting the author on angering the president. Tur said “Michael Wolff, it is a fascinating book. Congratulations on the book, and congratulations on the president hating it.” 

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