Democrats Openly Conspiring With Unethical Psychiatrist To Put Trump In Mental Institution

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Some Democratic lawmakers are renewing their campaign this week of questioning President Trump’s mental fitness for office, aided by a psychiatrist who is drawing ethics rebukes from her peers for giving opinions about the president without having examined him. Apparently she can tell everything she needs to know by the frequency of his tweets.

Lawmakers will gather for dinner Wednesday night at the Washington home of Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Connecticut Democrat, in a “salon-like” setting to hear from Dr. Bandy Lee, a Yale University professor and forensic psychiatrist who believes Mr. Trump is “dangerous,”  requires a mental-capacity exam, and might even benefit from time in a mental institution.

DeLauro spokesman Will Serio confirmed the planned dinner meeting but couldn’t say how many lawmakers are expected to attend.

Democratic lawmakers have been raising questions about Mr. Trump’s mental fitness since last spring. Dr. Lee, who has co-authored a book asserting the president’s unfitness for office, held a similar meeting last month with about a dozen House and Senate Democrats.

In an interview with Vox, Dr. Lee cited several reasons for her concern that Mr. Trump is a danger to the public, including the “sheer frequency of his tweets [that] seemed to reflect the frantic state of mind he was entering, and his retweeting some violent anti-Muslim videos showed a concerning attraction to violence. And then there were the belligerent nuclear threats [toward North Korea].” (via: Lucianne)

Perhaps we should raise questions about Dr. Lee’s mental health. She seems to be coming unraveled if she thinks it’s ok to push this BS, even though everyone else in her field considers it unethical and unbiased. To be sure, diagnosing someone without meeting them, much less treating them, is a taboo in the medical profession. The American Psychiatric Association’s so-called “Goldwater Rule” prevents psychiatrists from offering a professional opinion on someone they haven’t treated.

“We are not stating that Mr. Trump has a certain condition or that any of these are definitive conclusions,” Lee said. “We are stating that we see signs of danger and we need to educate the public.”

Supporters of Trump, on the other hand, have a diagnosis of their own: sour grapes. The people who have raised warnings about the president’s emotional stability, mental acuity or age-related illnesses are upset that he won. Do you think it’s about time they get over it and stop trying to make up reasons to oust the president?


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