Liberal Hollywood Is Going Down in Flames After Trump-Bashing Celebrities’ Movies TANK in 2017

Liberal Hollywood is getting what they deserve, after the 2017 box office receipts were tallied, they received a wakeup call much bigger and even more severe than what the NFL has gotten.

According to Market Watch, after relentlessly bashing Trump all summer, the box office numbers for the critical summer season through the end of the year show all movies hitting an all-time low.

From Conservative Post:

Hollywood is getting crushed, and like Kathy Griffin, is having to go overseas to recoup their investments and most aren’t even doing that.

Summer duds like “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” “Baywatch” and “Snatched” got crushed domestically and barely got by overseas.

Tom Cruise, one if the most bankable stars working, had a new movie out called “American Made,” and it failed miserably.

Blade Runner 2049” was supposed to be a hit. It missed, costing the studio untold millions.

CNN Money has an even more shocking report.

The AMC (AMC) theater chain saw its stock sink more than 25% in August citing slow ticket sales.

Regal Entertainment (RGC) reported to Wall Street that it would miss earnings and saw a huge drop in share price. Imax (IMAX) announced it was cutting almost 15% of its employees.

Whoops. Maybe this is Hollywood’s time to make some massive changes, and overhaul their entire way of thinking – and while they’re at it, release some watchable films.

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